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bringing TOGETHER the best of both worlds

The entire Champagne tradition and all the refinement it stands for has always relied on bottles made of glass. These typically shaped bottles epitomize the joy and splendor created by the various renowned Champagne houses and their noble cuvées. This seemingly necessary symbiosis has been unchanged for more than 200 years. Now, for the first time in history, the idea of creating Champagne is joined by a fresh inspiration – an innovation which in itself is worshipping old traditions and myths:

By combining porcelain and the related art of porcelain painting with the world of Champagne, one of the most refined pleasures suddenly gives life to a unique piece of art. Incidentally, porcelain is lighter and endowed with better cooling properties than glass. The first Champagne ever produced in a porcelain bottle was developed to be released in 2018 by Cuvee Sensorium.