"Its production requires a multitude of skills and a solid expertise from artisans.

It is exciting to see, how with their refined handwork, they step by step create the unique bottle.

- Joi Regenstein -

A true art which involves the touch, the sight and the hearing and makes every bottle become a unique piece. It is the perfect alliance between art, luxury and ancestral knowledge. The Reichenbach porcelain manufacture dates back to 1830. Located near the city of Leipzig in Germany, it remains a family house which exemplifies artisanal values with an innovative spirit.

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Old craftsmanship meets modern design

The name Reichenbach has been closely linked to Thuringian porcelain painting since 1830. Artistic hand painting of white porcelain pieces and the trade of these products marked the first years of the Reichenbach porcelain tradition. In the year 1900 nine local porcelain painters joined together, founded a porcelain factory and laid the foundations of the current site. Following the tradition, a highly skilled team continues to shape their production till today.

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Without neglecting its heritage, Reichenbach adapts itself to the innovative developments of the industry. Their design oriented products are made from high quality raw materials and produced with state of the art manufacturing and firing techniques.