James Rizzi

Even during his lifetime, James Rizzi was one of the most popular artists of all time, a true Pop Artist. He first became famous for inventing the 3D paper sculpture and the 3D magnetic images that have been inseparably linked with his name since the 1970s. Rizzi also made his mark as a creator of drawings and of unique acrylics. He put his artistic stamp on a multitude of different products, from postage stamps to cars.

Rizzi’s inimitable personal style, his humor and optimism, inherent in all his works, are being loved by millions of fans all over the world. Ever since his unexpected death in December of 2011, demand for the works of the New York artist went through the roof. His fans mourn the death of a great artist and, at the same time, a wonderful human being, who never lost touch with the real world. James Rizzi’s death has left a void in the global art market that will not be easy to fill.

2018-06-03 Edouard Brun et Cie_Porzellanflaschen_ 3.jpg

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